Air cleaning and sanitizing

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Equipments we use also enable to sanitize air volumes in areas and spaces on a ship. Our fully automatic and 100% ecological cleaning is done by dry misting, process which saturates an area with a disinfecting agent : all surfaces in contact with air will be cleaned. Bio-disinfectant...

Air Conditioning networks cleaning and desinfection

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Aeraulic networks get inevitably dirty in time, which let proliferate microorganisms. Proceeding to the cleaning and disinfection of the aeraulic networks is necessary to assure and guarantee the air quality on board. So we realize the cleaning of Air Handling Units and fan coils on board....

Custom-made services

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Supply and replacement of air filter, supply and replacement of ducts, supply and creation of visit hatches, insulation replacement, seals replacement, cleaning and disinfection of cold rooms, ducts repainting...